Fine Art Photography

Creatures Large & Small

One of my greatest thrills when travelling at home or abroad is watching our non-human friends navigate themselves through our human world. Sometimes successfully. Other times, not so much. The one thing I know is that they, like us, have emotions, feelings and rage. Just look into the eyes of the Grey Angur on this page and tell me that he doesn't remind you of an old man you once met on one of your journeys.


A family of Rhesus Macaques monkeys in Varanasi, India. A sick mother is protecting the baby.
Elephant walking in Delhi.
A Grey Angur with piercing eyes.
Rajasthan, India's largest state, comprises 132,139 sq miles of the Thar Desert. Thus the camels. They're a mode of transportation, especially for long distances when water won't be readily available.
The insect known as Walking Stick.
© Ellin Pollachek