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Ellin Pollachek on The Otherness of Beauty

To my mind beauty is about symmetry; features that are in line and with one another and in line with the face or figure that they adorn. But there is another kind of beauty. It is irregular, out-of-proportion, too pale or too dark. It is what Llorraine Neithardt calls The Otherness of Beauty. It is to this "otherness" that I am drawn.

© Ellin Pollachek Portrait Photography
© Ellin Pollachek Portrait Photography
Varanasi Man
© Ellin Pollachek Indian Portrait Photography
Yeshiva Student
© Ellin Pollachek Israeli Portrait Photography
A Man of God
© Ellin Pollachek Rabbinical Portrait Photography
Uncle Eddie
© Ellin Pollachek Portraits of the Deceased Photography
Varanasi Woman
© Ellin Pollachek Indian Portrait Photography