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Ellin Pollachek - The Aging Vagina
If Vaginas Offend You DON'T LOOK


Young vaginas are everywhere.  Girls, women or “they,” if she  prefers to be non-binary, are posting their nude selves on every promotional piece they can find. Lizzo, Kim, Kate, Britney, Emily, Bella et. al. are showing themselves off to whomever wants to take a look.

But those of us over 60…not so much. I imagine when the trend begins it will start with Kris Jenner.

One of the newest body parts to be displayed is the Vagina. Women who wear skin-tight clothes want to be seen replete of the vaginal slit or lips which lead to the 'dreaded' camel-toe. Enter designer vaginas. Liposuction can pull some of the pudgyness from the lips while hooded clitoral surgery can remove a touch of outer skin, exposing it for more pleasure.

What women have been doing to their faces, breasts, bellies and buttocks can now be done to their most intimate and private part: both inside and out.

And then there are the rest of us who have been living with the intimacy of our vaginas for decades. With time they change, grow, are sometimes bruised but always loved.

This collection is of aging vaginas. The women to whom they belong love them unconditionally as is. I am in the process of photographing for the collection. If you want to participate please contact me through email with the subject: Vaginas.

These images are for sale only by contacting the photographer directly.


Mons Veneris in Grey
After Surgery